Primary Logo
When designing the logo, I wanted to create contrast between soft lines and sharp lines. When creating the symbol mark, I modeled the figure after yoga poses by simplifying them down and using the pen tool to trace the form of the pose. I also wanted to keep the contrast consistent here so I utilized curves within the figure, but I left the edges sharp rather than rounded to keep similar contrast to the word mark. Lastly, I wanted to subtly use the letter "F" within the symbol mark, so I used the lowercase "f" as the base for my symbol.
Above here is the logo with the guidelines visible, as well as the full color profile and fonts used.
Above here is a poster of the full branding campaign on one layout. Here you can view the harmony between each item before viewing each one individually.
Featured is two poster designs for a poster campaign. I wanted to showcase power and speed in dynamic poses. 
Above here is a billboard design. The billboard was created to be eye-catching and simple. The main color of this brand is purple, and I decided to use neon cool toned colors like cyan, green, and magenta to make each piece pop in its own way yet still be tied back to the brand.
This is a  made for Instagram. The goal was to showcase the clothing and the models looking strong and feeling stylish in their gym attire. 
And finally, above is a UI Kit Poster for the FreshFlex app design. Staying consistent with the branding design, I wanted to create a simple and easy to use app to purchase items from FreshFlex straight from your phone. 

View the prototype of the app down below!

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