Sticking to the UTRGV branding and their requests, I created designs using "fiesta" elements with the color palette of UTRGV. I did lots of research on Fiesta iconography and fonts that would match the theme. After doing research, I landed on my first idea of creating a design using papel picado, a staple of fiesta iconography, and including utrgv imagery within the papel. 
For the second shirt option, I created an Illustration in Procreate and Illustrator of the Iconic UTRGV buildings with flowers, papel picado, and other fiesta iconography. They had requested full color designs so it was fun to get to play around with the colors and designs and to get to showcase my illustration abilities. I chose the shape of Texas to crop the shape of the design since we are a Texas University and proudly like to represent that. For the front, I went with a fun fiesta type font and added the flower into the "O" to relate back to the flowers in the illustration.

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